Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Well, here is some more old news I've recently stumbled across but found interesting: Ian McEwan's Enduring Love has been made into a film coming out this year, starring Samantha Morton and Bill Nighy (most recently recognisable as the jaded rock star from Love, Actually). I don't know how sucessful this will be. I think probably not very. After all, as with a lot of "literature", much of it is internal and almost impossible to film. The first chapter particularly, which is possibly the most perfect first chapter ever penned, would be reduced to a simple cinematic "action" sequence. Hey, maybe I'm being too pessimistic. It's certainly a film I'll be seeing.

Also, James Pattersons's next Alex Cross novel, entitled London Bridges will burst forth upon us this November. (I've no particular wish to publicise it, but I'm sure his fans will be interested.) Incidentally, he's also written a book for kids (this time, according to an interview, co-written with his son; Andrew Gross not good enough for you any more, James?) which we'll see in October, called Santakid. How very curious.

Here is a lovely old article from the Globe and Mail about, among more general things, Peter Robinson's latest Inspector Banks novel, Playing With Fire, which I though was absolutely excellent until the solution, which was ever-so-slightly disappointing.

From The Guardian today, an interesting piece on the mysterious disappearance of Petrarch's head. As they say, a very curious "medieval whodunnit".

Lastly: had a hard day? In need of some laughs? Well, scoot on over to The Guardian archives again, this time for the condensed version of Patricia Cornwell's Blow Fly. It may be harsh, but it's true. (They also recently had one for Lee Child's The Enemy.)