Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Andrea Levy has won the Orange Prize for Fiction.

An extract can be found here, a review here.

Once again, the judges have turned away from the favourites and the big names and gone with a lesser-known work. Honourable indeed, and certainly in keeping with the prize's aims: to bring attention to fiction penned by women, which would otherwise be overlooked by what is seen as (and in all truth probably is) the male dominated Booker prize. With that in mind, I was admittedly surprised that Atwood had even been shortlisted, given that she's by no means under-appreicated in terms of Booker prizes and shortlistings, and I certainly wasn't expecting her to win. Hoping, yes. Definitely hoping. Because, to reiterate, Oryx and Crake is fantabulous. Ah well. At least I can take myself off into a corner and indulge in being grumpy.