Sunday, July 04, 2004

Val McDermid has won the Sherlock Award for Best Crime Novel with The Distant Echo, so many congratulations Val! (Thanks to the ever-diligent Ali for bringing that to my attention.) Paul Johnston's The Last Red Death got Best Detective Novel; Christopher Brookmyre's Be My Enemy took Best Comic Detective Novel; and P.D. James adds yet another Lifetime's Achievement award to her heavily laden plaudit belt.

Robert Wilson's second Javier Falcon novel, The Silent and the Damned, is to be published in Britain this September. However, not only does America have to wait until January, but it has to put up with an incredibly stupid title change. (I mean, come on.)

Try as one might, while perusing the British media lately it is impossible not to trip over the mountain of articles about retired MI5 chief Stella Rimington. (Louis de Bernieres, too. And boy, does Tom Paulin hate him. Anyone who watched Friday's Newsnight Review (which is probably just me) will know of what I speak.) Anyway, The Observer interview her and The Independent review her book.

At The Independent, there's also yet another review of Steven Sherril's Visits from the Drowned Girl.

John Mullan at The Guardian leaps quietly to the defence of Lynne Truss, and from the same paper here's a review of Louse Welsh's Tamburlaine Must Die - Alan Wall is clearly not too impressed by it. Neither was Jane Jakeman. Thanks go to Sarah for that last link, who has just done an excellent and wonderfully lengthy interview with Michael Connelly.

Anyway, Fiona's going on holiday tomorrow. Two weeks in Santorini, Greece. I have a huge pile of books ready. This pile includes: Vernon God Little - DBC Pierre; Black Cherry Blues - James Lee Burke; A Deeper Shade of Blue - Paul Johnston; Want to Play? - P.J. Tracy (incidentally, Live Bait is this week at number 7 for bestselling hardback fiction); A Season for the Dead - David Hewson; The Child in Time - Ian McEwan; Wilful Behaviour - Donna Leon; One Step Behind - Henning Mankell (since converting Sofiya I have been on a considerable Mankell high) and Mark Billingham's The Burning Girl. You probably didn't need to know all those, but oh well. I always like to know what people are going to be reading.

One of the things which strongly hints at the depths of my reading obsession is that, when on holiday, I expend considerable effort trying to spot what other people are reading. I sneak covert glances while I sit around the swimming pool; I am prepared to walk great great distances along a beach just to have a look at what books people have. Little trills of pleasure ring through me when I spot someone reading a book I like. I also should look forward to holidays (or even vacations) for more than the fact that I'll be able to read a lot.

Anyway, in the meantime, go here. It's a yahoogroup for readers of crime novels, set up by UK thriller writer Tony Strong. He's roped in some exciting writers to share their reccomended reads as well: Simon Kernick, Denise Mina, Jane Jakeman, Patricia Hall.

~In an interview on his website about his latest book Garden of Beasts (which is very good but not his best) Jeffery deaver has said that his 2005 Rhyme novel will be called Gallows Heights~