Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I was first informed of this almost two months ago, but repeatedly forgot to mention it. In the USA, Minette Walters' latest novel Disordered Minds will not be released in hardback. I don't know whether it's coming out as a large-paperback, or as a paperback original (in which case, have Berkely got their eye on an Edgar next year?), my researches are continuing - although I suspect the former from the price quoted amazon. I have every confidence that I'll be proved wrong. Doubleday hardbacks, from, are relatively easy to get hold of if you have to have one.

I'd also better get these links out before the week ends and they have to be paid for:
The Sunday Times reviewed Alexander McCall Smith's In the Company of Cheerful Ladies, and as well as Steven Saylor's latest Roman mystery, The Judgement of Caesar (candidate for the Historical Dagger, it seems.) They also had quite a bit more concerning the ever-present Mr McCall Smith, but not where you might at first expect... (Although, it does make perfect sense)...In the Travel section.

Given that the world is currently swamped in all things Greek, why not test your knowledge of Greek myth with The Guardian's quiz. The subject being one of my major interests, I'm rather pleased to report an eminently healthy ten out of ten.

Another piece of information which might interest you (and might not)... Now, this is potentially old news that's already been discussed and considered with great relish, but if it has it's completely passed me by, because it came as a surprise to me: M Night Shyamalan (of The Sixth Sense and Signs fame) will direct the film of Yann Martel's Booker winning sucess, Life of Pi.

This article from The Scotsman highlights the effect of McCall Smith's sucess on his small Scottish publisher, and we stay in Scotland again, as this article from The Sunday Herald considers Edinburgh's claim to being "World City of Literature".