Thursday, September 02, 2004

Part of the geography

Woohoo...not only am I being spoilt for choice crime-fiction-wise this week (new books from Henning Mankell, Robert Wilson, Peter Robinson, and Jose Carlos Somoza; who do I choose? who do I choose??? (Mankell, of course)) but today I discover that Ruth Rendell's next Barbara Vine novel is officially due next April.


Last week, Jane Jakeman reviewed the latest novel from the excellent Stephen Booth, One Last Breath. (The reason why America isn't getting its yearly dose of Booth is down to a change of publisher, so you'll probably see it next spring.) I had wanted to link to the review from The Sunday Telegraph as well, but I can't for the life of me find it. Anywhere.

The Washington Post review Denise Mina's first standalone, Deception. (It's UK title was Sanctum. Why did they change it? Why??? Is America not familiar with the word? Of course it is. In America, does "Sanctum" conjour connotations of things vastly divergent from a crime fiction novel? I highly doubt it. Stupid. Just stupid.)

The Sunday Herald talks to Patricia Cornwell, discussing, among other things, Jack the Ripper, her new novel, and her growing boredom with Scarpetta's niece Lucy. This last, I am absolutely sure won't surprise many readers at all.

Speaking of Henning Mankell, Australia's The Age recently gave Before the Frost a thumbs up. Speaking of Mr Somoza, as well...if anyone was wondering whether Abacus would be translating any further titles from the Spanish, the answer is: no. In the near future, anyway. I've been told that currently there are no plans to publish any more, although, dependent upon sucess, they might reconsider. Though, I would say that winning a Gold Dagger pretty much counted as significant success, both in critical and thus, very probably, commercial terms as well...

Lastly (and here's where the title actually become relevant) was going to happen sometime: Ian Rankin has had a street named after him.

*Oh, and at last Orion are getting themselves a decent website.