Monday, October 04, 2004

CWA Dagger Nominations Announced

Typical. The only day when I can't get to a computer is the day when the Dagger shortlists are announced.

And here they are:


John Harvey - FLESH AND BLOOD - Heinemann
Mo Hayder - TOKYO - Bantam
Val McDermid - THE TORMENT OF OTHERS - HarperCollins
James W. Nichol - MIDNIGHT CAB - Canongate
Sara Paretsky - BLACKLIST - Hamish Hamilton
Laura Wilson - THE LOVER - Orion


Jeffery Deaver - GARDEN OF BEASTS - Hodder and Stoughton
Dan Fesperman - THE WARLORD'S SON - Transworld
Joseph Finder - PARANOIA - Orion
Mo Hayder - TOKYO - Transworld
Stephen Leather - HARD LANDING - Hodder and Stoughton
Adrian McKinty - DEAD I MAY WELL BE - Serpent's Tail

John Creasy

Denise Hamilton - THE JASMINE TRADE - Orion
Mark Mills - AMAGANSETT - Fourth Estate
Catherine Shaw - THE THREE BODY PROBLEM - Allison & Busby
Stav Sherez - THE DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND - Penguin Michael Joseph


John Dickie - COSA NOSTRA - Hodder & Stoughton
Rebecca Gowers - THE SWAMP OF DEATH - Hamish Hamilton
Steve Holland - THE TRIALS OF HANK JANSON - Telos Publishing
Mende Nazer and Damien Lewis - SLAVE - Time Warner
Sarah Wise - THE ITALIAN BOY - Jonathan Cape

Short story

Mark Billingham - DANCING TOWARDS THE BLADE - from Men From Boys, Heinemann
Mat Coward - PERSONS REPORTED - from Green for Danger, the Do-Not Press
Jeffery Deaver - THE WEEKENDER - from Twisted, Hodder & Stoughton
Val McDermid - THE CONSOLATION BLONDE - from Mysterious Pleasures, Little, Brown
Don Winslow - DOUGGIE DOUGHNUTS - from Men From Boys, Heinemann

Dagger in the Library

Mark Billingham,
Christopher Brookmyre
Jim Kelly
Alexander McCall Smith
Stuart Pawson
Andrew Taylor

My thoughts? Well...on the Gold, I'd have to say that I think Mo Hayder will win hands down, with John Harvey taking the Silver, to make up for the paucity of CWA awards for an otherwise highly acclaimed writer. Val McDermid was always good for the shortlist, but I'm almost sure she won't take anything, certainly not Gold. Two books from a four-book (so far) series each getting the Gold Dagger? I don't really think so. I don't fancy Paretsky's chances, either - Diamond Dagger holders don't win Golds (well, Ruth Rendell won the Diamond in the same year as a Gold, but that's a little different). Laura Wilson has a slight chance of Silver, but probably not Gold, considering that she's also nominated for the Historical Dagger and is widely considered a favourite.

The Steel Dagger could go to Deaver, I think. Dan Fesperman probably won't take it two years in a row (though it has been done before, twice), though from what I've read his seems to be most deserving. For the John Creasy, my money would be on Mark Mills or Denise Hamilton, and if the Dagger in the Library doesn't go to McCall Smith, I will be shocked indeed. Oh yes.

But, I am mildly simmering due to a lack of Borises Starling and Akunin. Definitely so. However, despite my small complaint I tend to think that that's a really good set of lists.

* Wow. I apologise for posting that six times. There are obviously ghosts in my machine.