Monday, February 14, 2005

Interview with Kent Harrington

I recently conducted an interview with Kent Harrington, author of the wonderful new novel Red Jungle. You can see what Kent had to say over on Mystery Ink. Very interesting stuff.

Here's a sample:

Q. Was it frustrating for you not to get one of the big publishers to take on Red Jungle?

A. Yes it was, very much so. Because, being stubborn, I believed in the book, especially after people said, "Hey Kent, this is a pretty good novel."

Now it's a little easier, because the response to the book has been more than I could have hoped for; readers seem to be embracing it, and that's very heartening. You can't ask for more than that -- to have someone come up to you and say they enjoyed something you wrote. It's a wonderful feeling, the best.

He has some insightful things to say about the state of publishing and the nature of genre, in particular. I think you'll enjoy it.