Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Read Gary Phillips' new book Bangers (Dafina, $15.00). Gary was first recommended to me a few years back as an author I'd probably like, but I never got around to reading him until now. (After hanging out with Gary at Bouchercon, and finding him to be such a nice guy, I figured I oughta read his book.)

This is hardboiled noir at its best. The story is about a BAM (By Any Means) Squad on the LAPD who are going up against the worst gangbangers. Reminiscent of the F/X show "The Shield" and just as good. Gary does a great job of weaving social commentary and a streets-eye view of LA with a slam bam action plot.

If you like George Pelecanos, I think you'll like Gary Phillips. Give him a go.