Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Kitty Kelly a plagiarist?

The New York Times reports that hatchet mistress extrordinaire Kitty Kelly (who wrote a vile biography of Frank Sinatra) is being sued by a freelance writer who claims that she plagiarized material from his article in her recent best-selling book about the Bush family.

Glynn Wilson accuses Kelly and Random House of copyright infringement and asks for a judgment of $5 million. He claims that seven paragraphs of material in Kelly's book repeat verbatim or closely track sections of his article, which was published on his website.

Random House denied the claim and said that "if any material was copied or wrongfully appropriated, it was not protected by copyright, was of minimal scope, did not damage Mr. Wilson and was covered under the legal doctrine of 'fair use.'"

Sounds like that should about cover it!