Sunday, November 07, 2004

Latest Sun-Times Column

My latest column ran this morning in Chicago's better paper: "Hot on the track of a historic Stars & Bars."

It includes the following books:
  • Sam Hill: Buzz Riff (Carroll & Graf, $25)

  • Lisa Reardon: The Mercy Killers (Counterpoint, $24)

  • Raelynn Hillhouse: Rift Zone (Forge, $24.95)

  • Jeffrey Cruikshank: Murder at the B-School (Mysterious Press, $24.95)

  • Steve Brewer: Boost (Speck, $24)

  • Lawrence Block: Grifter's Game (Hard Case Crime, $6.99)

  • I liked the Reardon, Hillhouse, Brewer and Block books; had a more mixed reaction to Hill and Cruikshank.