Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Final Tally for 2004

I read 125 books in 2004.* The vast majority were crime fiction titles, of course, with just a few others thrown in.

I reviewed 56 of those books, some of them more than once. The breakdown was:

  • Chicago Sun-Times: 50 books
  • Boston Globe: 6
  • Mystery Ink: 3
  • USA Today: 2
  • January Magazine: 2
  • Philadelphia Inquirer: 1

  • Note: Those totals don't include reviews that I cross-posted to Mystery Ink. I also reviewed 2 books for USA Today that never ran in the newspaper.

    In addition, there are 5 or so books that I read last year and will be reviewing this year.

    This was by far my busiest year so far on the reviewing side. This year will probably be lower, as the Sun-Times is cutting back on their review coverage and I'm busier with the day job.

    How much dough did I make for all of that? Quite a princely sum, I must confess: $3375. Guess I'd better stick with the day job, huh.

    Oh well, at least it was fun. I never became a writer for the money anyway.

    *I might have missed a few, as my record keeping isn't always as precise as it should be, but that's pretty close.