Tuesday, March 01, 2005

How NOT to publish a book

I received a letter in the mail yesterday. The letter is from the head of the publishing company and reads:
It has just been discovered that the copy of XYZ* ARC recently mailed to you may have contained a printer error wherein only even or odd numbered pages were bound together.

This is a very small press. (So small that I've never heard of them in any other context.) How many galleys could they be sending out? A couple dozen? And yet apparently they didn't even bother looking at them before mailing 'em out.

I wasn't planning to read the book anyway, but this seals the deal. (For the record, the cover is also one of the most amateurish I've seen.) A book has once chance to make an impression. These folks blew it.

*The names of the perpetrators have been changed to protect the guilty.