Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Book deal for Dylan Schaffer

From today's Publishers Marketplace:
Author of Misemeanor Man and appellate lawyer Dylan Schaffer's "true law story" Trouble about an African-American man wrongly convicted of murdering an Ivy-league crack prostitute in 1991 who spent 12 years in prison and was just cleared and released last year, covering the crime investigation, the dirty cops and judges who knowingly put away an innocent man, and an idealistic young female law student who worked for years to eventually free him, to Colin Dickerman at Bloomsbury, by Lydia Wills at Paradigm.
Misdemeanor Man was one of my favorite debuts of the year (see my review), so it's good to see that Dylan is continuing his writing. I'd be happier if it were another novel, but you take what you can get.

(When I first read that item, I thought, What the hell is a "crack prostitute"?...but then I realized they meant crack whore and were apparently trying to be polite.)