Monday, November 29, 2004

World's Worst Interview returns

Lemurphoboic crime writer Victor Gischler, conductor of the world's worst interviews, returns to talk to mystery hottie Laura Lippman:
VG: Sometimes I think of titles of short stories but then don't write the stories. Like "In the Hell of Bad Candy." I like that one. Can you share some of your discarded titles? Tell us about the "thinking of a title" process.

LL: I'm not sure I can say it's discarded, but I've long insisted that my memoir will be called "Shaved Meats, Piled High." I saw it on the menu of a lunch place near the morgue.
You know, now that I think of it, that's not really that different from the inteviews I do. Or anyone's interviews, for that matter.

Great stuff. Check it out.