Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Return of John Rain

Exciting news today on the thriller front!

Barry Eisler, author of the excellent John Rain books, returns June 23rd with another entry in this top-notch series.

Killing Rain will be the fourth book to feature the Japanese-American assassin who specializes in the "natural causes" hit.

Each of the first three books (Rain Fall, Hard Rain, Rain Storm) has been terrific -- and each has better than the last. (There's a reason Eisler keeps getting shortlisted for the Gumshoe Award.)

Advance word is that the trend continues, with Killing Rain even surpassing last year's superb Rain Storm. (See my full-length review of the latter over at January Magazine.)

Between John Rain and Jack Reacher (who will return this June in One Shot), summer is already shaping up as one kick ass season!