Thursday, March 03, 2005

5 Things I've Done That You Haven't

Like Tod Goldberg, I'm never invited to participate in these things either. I'm not even sure I know what a meme is. But here's my list anyway.

5 Things I've Done That You Haven't

1. Got drunk with James Crumley and called him a son of a bitch (in a very good natured way).

2. Sat in a hotel lobby with a half dozen well-known crime writers discussing the best way to handle an anal sex scene for a popular series protagonist.

3. Helped the FBI with their investigation of a crooked company, then received letters from the Department of Justice informing me where the perps were imprisoned and their sentences. (My business cards now read "David J. Montgomery: Crime Writer, Crime Fighter.")

4. Heard the incomparable Frank Sinatra perform in concert, an evening I'll never forget.

5. (echoing Sarah) Reviewed books for the Chicago Sun-Times, USA Today, Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Boston Globe and Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

There was also that thing about the blumpkin, but that's best left for another time...